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  • Home-cooked lunches stand the test of time
  • Home-cooked lunches stand the test of time
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Home-cooked lunches stand the test of time

Despite an influx of fast food brands and restaurants offering business lunches in India, the tradition of home-cooked lunches being delivered in Mumbai remains as strong as ever. 200,000 hot meals are still delivered every day from homes to offices and schools. 



  • Article image Tuborg Booster Strong: quenching India’s thirst for strong beer

    People in India drink to get buzzed. Strong beer, with an alcohol content above 5%, accounted for 83% of all beer sold in 2012 – with that figure expected to rise to 90% by 2019. Tuborg Booster Strong fruit flavoured beer wants to quench the thirst of this growing market.

  • India turning to exotic vegetables India turning to exotic vegetables

    In response to Indian middle and upper classes demanding 'exotic' vegetables from the West, farms around Mumbai are growing cherry tomatoes and broccoli. It's part of a growing appetite for international foods, which have become dinner favourites in India.

  • Article image Moët Hennessy: bubbling up in India

    As the Indian middle class continues to expand, Moët Hennessy is creating a new line of sparkling wines made from Indian grapes that embody affordable luxury and the country’s heritage.

  • Article image Casual dining in India: an interview with Arvind Singhal

    Arvind Singhal elucidates the surge in India's casual dining segment, and the opportunities for growth for both local and international firms.