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  • Rewarding loyal diners with iBeacon
  • Rewarding loyal diners with iBeacon
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Rewarding loyal diners with iBeacon

iBeacon technology has long been used in Apple retail stores, and now it's spreading out to other retail outlets. Mook Group, an upscale German restaurant chain, has implemented iBeacon technology in its high-tech reward and loyalty scheme.



  • iBeacon's retail revolution begins iBeacon's retail revolution begins

    iBeacon has been described as capable of revolutionising the way we interact with our environment - and now it seems that change is happening. Retailers Lord & Taylor and Hudson’s Bay are introducing the technology to give their customers a more unique shopping experience.

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    Nearly 60% of UK women have a Boots Advantage Card, earning points whenever they stock up on shampoo. Its companion app uses the mass of data collected via the loyalty scheme to display in-store offers tailored to each customer. But is this use of data met with open arms?

  • Germany's resistance to the iBeacon Germany's resistance to the iBeacon

    iBeacon is an in-store tracking technology that gives retailers the opportunity to send location-based offers to its customers. But while it's appearing in stores all around the world, it is struggling to make an impact in Germany, where privacy concerns are growing.

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    Some argue that iBeacon has the potential to completely change the way we interact with our surroundings – and others claim it could change the world forever. But what makes it so special?