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  • Health-conscious Indians drink green tea
  • Health-conscious Indians drink green tea
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Health-conscious Indians drink green tea

From Assam to Darjeeling, India has long been associated with tea drinking. But while the tea category has stopped growing, green tea is bucking the trend. Fuelled by health-conscious Indians, demand for green tea is growing at 60% year-on-year.



  • A beauty regime that starts with breakfast A beauty regime that starts with breakfast

    All over the world, studies show that breakfast has become a rushed, on-the-go affair that's all over in a matter of minutes – many even skip it altogether. But what if that first meal of the day could provide a beauty benefit? That's what Believe Cereals is offering.

  • Article image Yoga for a new generation

    Yoga has a long religious history in India, but modern Indians are taking cues from the West and replacing spirituality with weight-loss and Instagram selfies. This once 'uncool' practice is fast becoming big business - but some fear the 'real' yoga is being left behind.

  • Article image Foodies vs. Big Food: a healthy debate?

    With a powerful elite of foodies taking to social media and demanding all things 'local, 'real', and 'independent' how can 'big food' challenge the perception that they're part of the problem?

  • Article image Honest Tea: communicating quality and provenance

    At a time when food origins can be easily disputed, brands are increasingly eager to open up and build trust. Organic iced tea brand Honest Tea has a strong commitment to transparency.