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  • German discounts beat British offers
  • German discounts beat British offers
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German discounts beat British offers

As German discount supermarkets Lidl and Aldi continue to steal market share in Britain, many are chalking up their success to low prices, prompting brands like Morrisons and Tesco to fight back with discounts and offers. But for shoppers, is it just the low prices that’s drawing them in?



  • Supermarket own-label goods match brands Supermarket own-label goods match brands

    As UK shoppers adopt an increasingly frugal mindset, the perception towards value products is changing. Despite traditional ideals, the majority of Brits now consider supermarket own-label products to be on par, and two in five consider them better, than branded equivalents. 

  • Article image Dreaming of discounts

    With half of the UK population now passing through the doors of discount retailers and their sales showing double digit year-on-year growth, there’s certainly an appetite for discounted goods. But what’s behind this shift? And how is it affecting the UK’s retail landscape?

  • Article image In a state of permanent sale

    Thanks to daily deals websites, online vouchers, and retailers’ 'sell, sell, sell' mindset, there's a sale nearly every day. But how does this permanent sale affect the way people spend?

  • Middle classes bargain-hunting Middle classes bargain-hunting

    In a poor economic climate, Poundland, which currently has 450 shops, is expanding at a rate of 60 outlets per year. Yet much of the growth at discount retailers no longer comes from the poor, as more affluent consumers are becoming bargain-hunters.