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  • Connecting with the Snapchat celebrities
  • Connecting with the Snapchat celebrities
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Connecting with the Snapchat celebrities

How do you get kids to pay attention to your message? As picture messaging app Snapchat matures, brands are connecting with a new wave of 'Snapchat celebrities' who earn thousands of dollars by spreading branded messages to their teenage fan clubs. How long will it last?



  • Article image Why teens would rather be internet famous

    One in three teens claim they could make money by creating YouTube videos. The success of social media stars like Bethany Mota shows that celebrity endorsements aren't influential as they used to be. Today's teens want inspiration from cool kids who could easily be their mates.

  • Article image Compartmentalising your virtual life

    All our conversations and experiences change according to where we are, and who’s around us. But how do our relationships with different platforms affect the way we express ourselves online?

  • Article image ‘This will take six seconds’: why Vine works

    Imposing a six second rule on mobile video length, Twitter’s video sharing app Vine isn’t reducing attention span; it's urging creators to better manage their greatest resource: time.

  • Article image Safe-sext: how Snapchat redefined photography

    Amidst endless sexting scandals, Snapchat has created a photo-sharing app which creates a safe space for friends to express themselves through images without fear of consequence.