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  • Making bugs sexy enough for Brits to eat
  • Making bugs sexy enough for Brits to eat
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Making bugs sexy enough for Brits to eat

According to a UN report, 2 billion people worldwide consider eating insects a delicacy, or even a food staple. But a study by Canadean found that while 40% of the UK population would be willing to try insects, only 6% would consider eating them regularly.



  • Article image What does a digital foodie eat?

    Digital is transforming how we eat. Anyone with a kitchen and a camera can take a picture, upload it and watch it spread in seconds. With millions of recipes and thousands of bloggers, nutritionists, and chefs at our fingertips, how is 'always on' information shaping our diet?

  • Are insects the new eco superfood? Are insects the new eco superfood?

    Promoting the ecological and nutritional benefits of eating insects isn’t new, but squeamishness has proved a barrier to widespread adoption. Now The Insect Cookbook, awarded first prize at LA’s Green Book Festival, hopes to repackage entomophagy for a foodie generation.

  • Article image A taste of authenticity: Wahaca's grasshopper fondue

    Mexican street food chain Wahaca's new grasshopper dish is grabbing headlines, but can the foreign origins of provocative products be harnessed to create an appealing sense of authenticity?

  • Ento edible insects Ento edible insects

    Ento is the outcome of tackling the growing issue of food security in an increasingly hungry world. Through compelling design, it aims to introduce western cultures to the environmental and nutritional benefits of insects as a sustainable alternative.