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  • Germans reluctant to buy fresh food online
  • Germans reluctant to buy fresh food online
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Germans reluctant to buy fresh food online

Heading to the supermarket to do your grocery shopping is, while often tedious, a deeply entrenched habit. In July 2014, internet research consultancy Fittkau & Maaß conducted a study to find out how Germans feel about ordering groceries online. 



  • What's a supermarket without packaging? What's a supermarket without packaging?

    It's sustainable. Many grocers have tried to solve the packaging waste problem, but Berlin-based supermarket Original Unverpackt thinks it has the answer. Replacing boxed or encased grocery items with bulk-bin style shopping, the supermarket is entirely packaging-free.

  • Article image Delivering the future of shopping

    With convenient time slots and easy ordering, revolutionary same-day delivery service Google Shopping Express isn't delivering products, it's delivering free time.

  • Article image Kitchensurfing: making meals meaningful

    Driven by the belief that food tastes better when you know the story behind it, Kitchensurfing brings talented chefs into homes for up close and personal dining.

  • Article image Du darfst: Fuck the Diet!

    In response to widespread frustration with dieting, a new German food manufacturer's campaign targets a newly emerging female consumer.