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  • Parkour changes how kids see their city
  • Parkour changes how kids see their city
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Parkour changes how kids see their city

Maybe you’ve seen them before: kids dangerously running across cities, jumping from roof to roof and doing backflips on the steps of public areas. While 'Parkour' has been prominent in the media for years, figures show it's now surpassed skateboarding in popularity. 



  • Article image GoPro: turning a camera into content

    GoPro Hero films have been called “mesmerising and addictive”, with adrenaline-packed footage becoming synonymous with the brand. The company is now launching dedicated channels for user generated content. But how has it become one of the most exciting new media companies?

  • Article image Feeling Alive

    A new kind of leisure is seducing office workers with visceral thrills and sensory explosions - fusing pain and pleasure - but above all, offering people the chance to do something 'real'.

  • Robot parkour Robot parkour

    This (fake) Nike ad is all kinds of awesome, but the ironic thing is that even parkour-busting robots wear hoodies, which means that they can’t enter the malls which are the home of Nike stores, or not in the UK at least.

  • Parkour hits China Parkour hits China

    Did you know China had a burgeoning parkour scene? We didn't either until 56minus1 discovered a bunch of online Chinese parkour groups, communities and forums, presented by Shanghaiist.