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  • Mobile ads that pay for the attention of Gen Y
  • Mobile ads that pay for the attention of Gen Y
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Mobile ads that pay for the attention of Gen Y

In India, Android adoption is driving the smartphone market, which is set to surpass the US as the second-largest worldwide in 2014. With so many new marketing opportunities, Ladooo is a platform that promises Indian brands customer attention in return for free airtime.



  • Article image Beck’s Playable Poster: a billboard you shouldn't ignore

    With everyone's attention held by smartphones, static print billboards aren't enough to persuade people to look up. So brands like Beck's are creating immersive, interactive and intriguing ads – like the world's first 'playable poster' that shows the brand's dedication to music.

  • Grab a free ride in a branded taxi Grab a free ride in a branded taxi

    The infrastructures of cities around the world are suffering from traffic congestion, pollution and high public transport costs. These frustrations are leading to alternative means of transport. South African startup Mellowcabs provides free transport in electric vehicles.

  • Article image Bloodline Club: why mobile is life or death in India

    By better connecting consumers, a new social initiative from telecoms giant Tata Docomo is tackling India's growing blood deficit.

  • Environment aware mobile ad Environment aware mobile ad

    Google has secured intellectual rights to a system that would serve ads based on environmental conditions. It may pave the way for a mobile phone that could record data such as temperature, humidity and light to trigger relevant adverts.