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  • China's grey market moves online
  • China's grey market moves online
    Giulio M ©

China's grey market moves online

Almost 50% of Chinese citizens have access to the internet, and the number of Chinese users will be double the entire US population by 2016. Companies are fighting for online market share, and they're increasingly recognising the importance of the 'grey' segment.



  • Crowdsource cars online in China Crowdsource cars online in China

    Chinese people are going online to buy anything from handbags to cars. In 2013, the value of the country’s e-retail was $300 billion. The automotive industry is embracing these changes by being creative in their e-commerce strategies.

  • Article image PARO: tech that aids the elderly

    While the immediate future is unlikely to yield AI pseudo-human carers, the notion of robots aiding the elderly is closer than ever. All over the world – especially in Japan, where more than a quarter of the population is over 65 – technology and healthcare are starting to overlap.

  • Article image A cultural snapshot of China

    Is tea still the most popular drink in China? And do logo-centric brands still dominate luxury? In our 2014 / 15 cultural snapshot of China, we demystify cultural myths, shed light on the country’s economic outlook, and explore the emerging and established trends across eleven sectors.

  • Article image Smart Alex: the alternative OS for elderly empowerment

    'Alex' is a Linux-based operating system that helps users stay connected and independent with a simple, secure interface updated via the cloud.