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  • Google is changing how we see DIY
  • Google is changing how we see DIY
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Google is changing how we see DIY

The days of looking quizzically at a broken tap before caving in and calling a plumber are over. Nowadays, much of the information needed to fix household problems is just a click away. In fact, on YouTube alone there are over 1,000 channels dedicated to How To and DIY videos.



  • Can the city be a DIY playground? Can the city be a DIY playground?

    DIY is associated with improvements at home, but what about fixing up the city? Hornbach's marketing campaign focuses on the idea that DIY should be not only take place in the home, but in the community too, by portraying how people can carry out improvements in the city.

  • Article image A new breed of connoisseur

    Whether coffee or chocolate, pizza or pencils, connoisseurship has become a pastime for the masses. But if anyone can become a connoisseur of anything, will the concept lose its mystique?

  • Article image Fixperts: why fixing feels good

    Consumers wanting a more hands-on approach to consumption can now turn to the Fixperts – designers keen to help the public understand how to fix everyday grievances.

  • Article image 3D it yourself

    Part of the hacking phenomenon is a creative take on DIY, with 3D printing essentially shifting the meaning of hacking.