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  • Contraception at the flick of a button
  • Contraception at the flick of a button
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Contraception at the flick of a button

In the US, 62% of women use contraceptives, but methods tend to be relatively unreliable, or last between 3-5 years. But what if your hormonal implant lasted 16 years, and you could turn it on and off yourself?



  • Article image Burrell Street: let’s talk about sexual health

    The thought of discussing STIs with your parents would send shivers down most people’s spines; it is still very much a taboo subject. But a new sexual health center in London, aims to make a visit to the clinic as everyday and enjoyable as popping into a cafe.

  • 'Supercondoms' for safer sex 'Supercondoms' for safer sex

    The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has awarded a £62,000 grant to scientists at Manchester University who believe graphene, a form of carbon that's one atom thick, can be combined with latex to create a super-strong, super-stretchy, supercondom.

  • Article image Let's talk about real sex

    Amidst the sexualised wallpaper of contemporary culture, are teens, parents and teachers alike losing sight of real sex in favour of pornified and potentially damaging ideals?

  • Article image Make Love Not Porn TV: socialising sex

    In a climate of increased openness, sharing has never been more intimate. Make Love Not Porn TV is a user-generated site that showcases homemade adult films.