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  • Mapping angry commuters
  • Mapping angry commuters
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Mapping angry commuters

“Stuck on a baking Tube, late, hate the Central Line. Think driver has gone to sleep!” People love sharing their transport miseries on social media, but while it may make them feel better for a minute, they will probably run into the same problem on the next day's commute.



  • Article image Billboard Twitter Real-Time Chart: top of the pops for the digital age

    Twitter has partnered with American music chart company Billboard to create two real-time music charts based on social media mentions. Though the music industry must adapt to survive, can a social media chart really represent an artist or song's popularity authentically?

  • UK Commuters travel further than ever UK Commuters travel further than ever

    The 2011 census has revealed a substantial shift in commuter habits over the last ten years. Though the average distance travelled has increased, the upsurge in people working from home and the decline of fixed work locations have resulted in less regular commuters.

  • The sentiment behind social media The sentiment behind social media

    Bloomberg has announced a sentiment analysis tool that works with social media outputs to predict shifts in the stock market. The tool gauges the general 'mood' on social networks, not just the volume of tweets about an issue.

  • Collaborating for a better commute Collaborating for a better commute

    Moovit is an app that allows users to contribute tips and reports from their own public transit trips, such as crowded buses and unexpected closures. The real-time public transit app seeks to give the power to the crowd.