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  • DKNY celebrates Ramadan
  • DKNY celebrates Ramadan
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DKNY celebrates Ramadan

Each year, Muslims worldwide observe Ramadan. It's the month when brands spend the most on marketing to Muslims, hoping to attract customers breaking their fast in the evening. Having already launched an Arabic website and stores in the Middle East, DKNY introduced a Ramadan collection in July 2014.



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    How are modern Muslims rewriting stereotypes?

    From the fashionable Mipsterz to the ‘Happy Muslims’, the latest cultural movements in the Islamic world have been well documented across social media. With a global population of approximately 1.57 billion, what are the implications for brands trying to reach modern Muslims?

  • Halal travel for Muslim tourists

    Halal travel for Muslim tourists

    Halal Trip rates flights, hotel and tour packages according to their level of ‘Halal friendliness’. It’s aimed at the growing Muslim tourism market, worth $126.1 billion globally and predicted to grow on an average of 4.79% year-on-year until 2020.

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    How new superheroes are fighting oppression

    Comic book heroes are becoming a medium through which to discuss sensitive social issues. And from Kamala Khan to the Burka Avenger, leading the march is an army of powerful Muslim women.

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    Beautyligion and the rise of Halal cosmetics

    This article explores the changing relationship between the Muslim faith, Halal lifestyles, and the beauty industry.