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  • Click & Collect is the new shopping standard
  • Click & Collect is the new shopping standard
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Click & Collect is the new shopping standard

The UK retail landscape is changing. With a growing number of people wanting to shop on their own terms, many opt to browse products online, but pick them up at a physical store. In fact, 45% of UK internet users have used such a service, compared to just 20% in the US.



  • Article image Amazon Fire Phone: a department store in your pocket

    After years of speculation, Amazon finally announced the Fire Phone in June 2014, featuring stereoscopic glasses-free 3D. Its biggest talking point was Firefly – a visual and audio 'Shazam' that lets you buy whatever you scan directly from Amazon. But do people really want this?

  • Post and collect at UK rail stations Post and collect at UK rail stations

    Network Rail is trialling Doddle outlets at major railway stations, letting people post and pick up parcels as they go. If it's successful, people could order deliveries from multiple retailers, while late opening hours would fit commuters' busy lifestyles

  • Click-and-collect at Christmas Click-and-collect at Christmas

    More than a third of UK shoppers are planning on using click-and-collect services during Christmas 2013 – up 12% year-on-year. These services let customers shop on their own terms, cutting out online delivery costs and store opening time restrictions.

  • Article image Everywhere shopping: Click & Collect delivers

    Informed shoppers want more choice and less hassle, creating new imperatives for retailers to offer the best of online, offline and mobile.