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  • WeChat sets its sights on hardware
  • WeChat sets its sights on hardware
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WeChat sets its sights on hardware

WeChat, the dominant smartphone messaging platform in China, currently has 396 million active users. The app already offers people a slew of features, but it's now beginning to focus on hardware - releasing a specific API for hardware devices to connect with WeChat.



  • Article image What do people need from an app?

    The Apple App Store houses over one million apps. Despite once trying to do everything, apps are now being split into single purpose platforms. But how do people actually use them? And which is more useful – the Swiss Army knife approach or a tailored, single purpose app?

  • Article image LINE: say it with stickers

    While WhatsApp wins over the West and WeChat conquers China, messaging app LINE has taken Japan by storm. With 400 million users worldwide, and 52 million in Japan alone, LINE's bright and vibrant customisable stickers are hugely popular – but can they really replace text?

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    From messaging to social media to a marketplace to browsing the internet, WeChat is the app the does everything. While Western companies and app developers race to unbundle their services into efficient single-purpose apps, WeChat continues to add feature after feature.

  • WeChat: the new way to bank WeChat: the new way to bank

    China’s most popular messaging app WeChat has launched a “wealth” section called Licaitong where people can store their savings in a monetary fund. The app, which is owned by Tencent, received $130 million in deposits on the first day.