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  • Waking up with on-the-go breakfast
  • Waking up with on-the-go breakfast
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Waking up with on-the-go breakfast

With increasingly busy lifestyles, our eating habits are changing. Over half of people in the UK tend to eat on-the-go without the time to sit down to enjoy their food. As we have less time dedicated for eating, on-the-go breakfast products are growing in popularity.



  • Article image PareUp: selling on surplus food

    Food waste from restaurants and supermarkets in the US represents $165 billion of missed profit. Responding to this, PareUp caters to a conscious clientele by partnering with cafés and stores to promote surplus unsold foodstuffs, reducing waste and passing on discounts.

  • Article image Untie your apron and reach for a ready meal

    While some people are bypassing the butcher in favour of curing their own meats, another set can’t be bothered to even turn on the oven and are sending the posh ready meal market soaring. But as people's tastes split into two extremes, what’s prompted these new habits?

  • Swapping home cooking for posh ready meals Swapping home cooking for posh ready meals

    The overall ready meal market in the UK is in decline, but there’s one sector that’s showing growth: premium ready meals. With people wanting to cook more at home and avoid ready meals due to increased health awareness, do premium ready meals offer the best of both worlds?

  • Article image Meals in a Jar: bridging the gap between quality and convenience

    In an age where time is as valuable as money, many consumers are economising on both. Convenient and healthy, Meals in a Jar demonstrates that quality needn't be sacrificed for speed.