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  • 'Made in France' is big business
  • 'Made in France' is big business
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'Made in France' is big business

The French are notoriously attached to their country, with 73% willing to pay more for a product Made in France. In March 2014, an app called Made in Emplois was launched listing the number of jobs created in France by each company, hoping to further appeal to consumers’ patriotism.



  • Article image What does luxury look like?

    What is luxury? How does strategy in the luxury sector work? And what can it teach other brands? Marco Bevolo, one of the authors of Premium by Design: how to understand, design and market high end products, provides a vision of the business of prestige, desire and seduction.

  • "Made in" a global economy

    With major companies in many industrialised countries outsourcing more production to developing nations, the European Union is considering more stringent regulation of how manufacturers label where their products are made.

  • Article image The art of luxury: Hermès' live crafting in galleries

    Luxury brands often mention heritage, but too much focus on the past can detract from the present. Hermès' 'Festival des Métiers' celebrates the incredible skill behind their current items.

  • Made in France Made in France

    The Made in France label - Origine France Garantie - is now open to any businesses wishing to prove their French production credentials. The first four brands to use the label are Kronenbourg, Atol, Fagor-Brandt and Generation Plume.