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  • Chinese photo apps mask pollution
  • Chinese photo apps mask pollution
    Blue Sky ©

Chinese photo apps mask pollution

Smog in Beijing – one of the ten most polluted cities in the world – means most photographs of the city reveal dreary, industrialised landscapes with grey skies looming above. Photo app Blue Sky is one of many that are enabling locals and tourists alike to edit out the issue.



  • Uber offers a free Tesla test drive in China Uber offers a free Tesla test drive in China

    In a bid to convert drivers to its electric cars, Tesla is offering Uber users in China a free 15-minute test drive or ride. As environmental concerns in the country reach an all time high, can Tesla convince luxury consumers to invest in an $120,000 electric vehicle?

  • Article image Masking China's pollution concerns

    China’s 474 million-strong consuming class is starting to wonder whether the price they’ve paid for prosperity is worth it, if money can’t safeguard health. Too severe to be ignored, environmental concerns in China are finally beginning to trump economic ones.

  • Article image Coke’s Pure Joy: clean water for China

    As young people in China speak out against social and environmental issues, Coke has stepped in with charitable water brand ‘Chun Yue’, targeting socially conscious Millennials. But is this just a CSR project, or has Coke found a new niche for bottled water in China?

  • A breath of fresh air in China A breath of fresh air in China

    What’s the best way for a Chinese travel company to promote holidays to the beautiful Laojun Mountains? Ship bags of fresh mountain air to polluted areas for people to 'try out'. In Zhengzhou, one of the country’s top ten most-polluted cities, it's a real breath of fresh air.