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  • Indians are changing how they spend
  • Indians are changing how they spend
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Indians are changing how they spend

Research has revealed that the spending habits of the average Indian, both urban and rural, is changing dramatically. The biggest expense continues to be food, accounting for 48% of the average budget, perhaps explaining the continued high prices in this sector.



  • India rejects mobile money India rejects mobile money

    While mobile money is having an impact all around the world, it has failed to take off in India, where fewer mobile transfers take place than in Pakistan. But with developing countries embracing mobile payments, particularly in Africa, why hasn't the same happened in India? 

  • Is India turning into big brother? Is India turning into big brother?

    With almost 600 million registered people, India's Unique Identification (UID) project is the largest biometrics identity program in the world. By collecting fingerprints, iris scans, photographs and demographic information, the initiative hopes to eliminate a range of problems.

  • Article image Moët Hennessy: bubbling up in India

    As the Indian middle class continues to expand, Moët Hennessy is creating a new line of sparkling wines made from Indian grapes that embody affordable luxury and the country’s heritage.