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  • Soylent's food hacking community
  • Soylent's food hacking community
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Soylent's food hacking community

As Soylent, the all-in-one powdered food that has 'everything the healthy body needs' faces supply shortages, a community of life-hackers are creating, buying and sharing their own concoctions with thousands of recipes surfacing on 'DIY Soylent'.



  • Article image SCiO: know exactly what's in the food you’re eating

    From understanding what exactly is in the coffee you’re drinking, to knowing how polluted the air in your back garden is, people are looking for microscopic details to feel informed. But who is this new curious group of people? And what will they do with this information?

  • Article image 3D printed food: drink your breakfast, lunch and dinner

    By 2025, more than one in five Europeans will be aged 65 or over. The EU has dedicated over €7 billion to tackle health issues, demographic change and well-being – and it’s produced a potential solution to the challenges of an ageing society: 3D printed food.

  • Weight Watchers opens a social café Weight Watchers opens a social café

    Weight Watchers has opened a new branded café in London that allows customers to pay for meals by promoting the brand on social media – literally taking payment in tweets. The café serves up diet-friendly meals in line with the low-calorie Weight Watchers programme.

  • Article image A bite to drink? Mamma Chia's take on snacking

    With diet-conscious consumers looking for quick and healthy snack options, drinkable foods like Mamma Chia's organic seed juices are bridging the gap between categories.