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  • US Millennials fall in love with Korean TV
  • US Millennials fall in love with Korean TV
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US Millennials fall in love with Korean TV

DramaFever, the largest US importer of Korean prime-time drama, has reported a rapid rise in Millennial viewers. And it’s non-Korean-speakers who are proving the biggest fans. So what’s making a generation of young Americans embrace K-pop culture with subtitles?



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    Korean entertainment and culture are seeing a strong revival in China. And it’s not only strengthening Korea’s economic influence and solidifying its position as Asia’s arbiter of culture, but transforming Chinese identity and consumer behaviour across the spectrum.

  • Article image Global Mindset

    A young generation of westerners, reared on a diet of diversity, travel, globalisation and foreign food, are embracing a lifestyle with a global outlook.

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    Taewoo Danny-Kim writes about the East/West trend, noting the cultural crossover between two once-distinct spheres enabled by technological development.

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    Taewoo Danny Kim breaks down the key differences between Korea and the West, touching on youth and industry trends and their impact on the wider Asian market.