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  • Boots launches personalised deals
  • Boots launches personalised deals
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Boots launches personalised deals

Nearly 60% of adult women in the UK have a Boots Advantage Card, earning points whenever they stock up on shampoo. A companion app has now been launched, which uses the data collected via the loyalty card to display in-store offers that are tailored to each customer.



  • Dixons' agile pricing method Dixons' agile pricing method

    The retailer is trialling in-store electronic shelf labels, allowing individual stores to fluidly alter their prices based on external factors – like competitor pricing. They're intended to drive greater customer confidence in Dixons' prices.

  • Article image The highs and lows of dynamic pricing

    As people become more wary of dynamic pricing, many businesses are developing transparent systems that engage the customer in the process.

  • Article image Cheaper if it rains: Qcue’s dynamic pricing

    With fewer people going to sporting events in the US, software company Qcue is helping sell every ticket and fill every seat with pricing algorithms that literally change like the weather.

  • Supermarkets customise prices Supermarkets customise prices

    US supermarkets are encouraging shoppers to spend more by giving different customers different prices, the New York Times reports. The supermarkets use methods such as loyalty card data to tailor their prices to each customer.