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  • Tesco tailors ready meals to office workers
  • Tesco tailors ready meals to office workers
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Tesco tailors ready meals to office workers

Over 90% of Brits say they make unhealthy food choices due to lack of time, while more than half eat whilst on the move or sat at their desk at work. My Fit Lifestyle – a health range and service from Tesco – aims to help time-strapped professionals avoid unhealthy foods.



  • Article image Untie your apron and reach for a ready meal

    While some people are bypassing the butcher in favour of curing their own meats, another set can’t be bothered to even turn on the oven and are sending the posh ready meal market soaring. But as people's tastes split into two extremes, what’s prompted these new habits?

  • Giving back with a £1 lunch Giving back with a £1 lunch

    O2 Priority has announced a new deal for customers – a lunch for £1 every Monday. Food will be available from four well known vendors, including Domino's Pizza and Upper Crust. With this special offer, the mobile provider aims to give something back to its customers.

  • Article image Foodies vs. Big Food: a healthy debate?

    With a powerful elite of foodies taking to social media and demanding all things 'local, 'real', and 'independent' how can 'big food' challenge the perception that they're part of the problem?

  • Article image The Lunch Beat goes on

    Lunch Beat is a midday dance meet-up originating in Stockholm, Sweden, which turns the business lunch hour into a club scene.