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  • Hands-free driving to become a reality
  • Hands-free driving to become a reality
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Hands-free driving to become a reality

Car crashes are the cause of 1.27 million deaths a year, and technology companies are striving to drastically reduce this figure. Though Google's driverless cars are grabbing headlines, Cruise RP-1 is a hands-free driving system for normal cars, due for release in 2015.



  • Google's UK-wide public transport data Google's UK-wide public transport data

    Google has added comprehensive public transport information for the whole of Great Britain to its Google Maps app. The data allows people to search for departures and arrival times for everything from buses to ferries across England, Scotland and Wales.

  • Article image How 'wearable' is wearable tech?

    People prefer devices that are unobtrusive, fit into daily life, and look stylish. But do they really want to wear technology on their wrists, faces and around their necks?

  • Article image Watch this space: Nissan's connected car

    A conduit between cars and smartphones, Nissan's stylish Nismo Smartwatch has a range of utilities beyond smartphone capabilities. Will it cleanly slot into the 'internet of things'?

  • Google tests driverless commutes Google tests driverless commutes

    Google's self driving cars have so far logged 300,000 miles of road testing without a single accident. The company has now announced the next phase of testing: employees will start commuting to work with only the robot at the wheel.