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  • Facebook logo offers social comfort
  • Facebook logo offers social comfort
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Facebook logo offers social comfort

In a hyper-connected world, fending off loneliness is harder than ever, driven by a constant fear of missing out. Studies have claimed that due to this, Facebook makes us feel more lonely - but new research suggests just the logo can actually make people feel more connected.



  • Article image Paying with perspiration and trading in Tweets

    Brands want people to interact with their products and services - because interaction can take on value as an alternative to traditional currencies. But what's in it for consumers?

  • Article image Faking it on Facebook: a calender that lies

    A new Facebook calendar helps people swerve their friends and family by generating excuses. With attitudes to social media changing, what are the new opportunities for brands?

  • Coca-Cola brings happiness Filipinos Coca-Cola brings happiness Filipinos

    As part of its 'Where Will Happiness Strike Next?' campaign, Coca-Cola Philippines arranged to bring some of the 11 million overseas Filipino workers home for the holidays, and captured the event in a supposedly inspirational film.

  • Article image The new solitude

    New pressures imposed by the social wave of digital innovation are changing attitudes to solitude, which has been largely neglected as a positive lifestyle choice.