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  • What Soho could look like without the sex
  • What Soho could look like without the sex
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What Soho could look like without the sex

Walker’s Court in Soho still has a seedy, Dickensian charm and red lights in the windows. But a new development is set to change all that. Soho Estates are pushing the prostitutes out and bringing the developers in. But will this latest wave of gentrification be welcome?



  • Article image Is staying in really the new going out?

    Clubs and pubs in the UK are closing, and young people are drinking less than ever. A lack of money, advances in technology and a need for exclusivity have changed the party scene. But has staying in really become the new going out?

  • Airbnb gets municipal with a 'Shared City' manifesto Airbnb gets municipal with a 'Shared City' manifesto

    Described as a way to "help civic leaders and our community create more shareable, more livable cities”, Airbnb’s new ‘Shared City’ initiative - and accompanying manifesto - plans to fit carbon monoxide alarms, donate to local causes and even provide disaster relief.

  • Brixton locals reject gentrification Brixton locals reject gentrification

    New Brixton bistro Champagne + Fromage was met with split opinion, as locals voiced feelings on the gentrification of the area via a demo organised by protest group Yuppies Out. "Living in London's like starving to death at a feast," said one participant.

  • Article image Borough deep: BKLYNR's slow news movement

    Returning to longform journalism, subscription-based web magazine BKLYNR is at the head of the subcompact publishing movement. Is the web's own 'slow news' revolution starting to gather pace?