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  • A loyalty scheme that shows companies care
  • A loyalty scheme that shows companies care
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A loyalty scheme that shows companies care

Is rewarding people for shopping the best way for brands to encourage loyalty? With 78% of people not loyal to a particular brand, companies are trying different tactics. One approach involves rewarding people for behaviour that doesn't have any financial benefit to companies. 



  • Charitable rewards for brand loyalty Charitable rewards for brand loyalty

    Kenco has announced a new scheme that rewards customer loyalty - with a twist. Customers can collect points from Kenco jars and choose to donate to one of two charities that support coffee farming communities. It's an effort to heighten Kenco's ethical credentials.

  • Brand 'flirting' increases loyalty Brand 'flirting' increases loyalty

    In a world of incalculable choice, research suggests that if people in strong 'brand relationships' stray from them to 'flirt' with a competitor, they actually become more committed to their original favourite.

  • Article image Shopkick: rewarding shoppers on the high street

    In the smartphone era, 'traditional' card-based loyalty schemes are evolving. How does Shopkick, an app that rewards people for shopping, inject new life into the high street?

  • Article image The sticky stuff: how apps keep consumers’ attention

    Daniel Nye Griffiths unpacks the dynamics behind some particularly sticky apps and games.