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  • BBC revives the iconic Danger Mouse
  • BBC revives the iconic Danger Mouse
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BBC revives the iconic Danger Mouse

Tapping into childhood nostalgia, the BBC has announced that the much loved '80s cartoon Danger Mouse is getting a modern day reboot. Having been out of production since 1992, the BBC has ordered 52 new episodes with the intention of winning over a “new generation of fans.”



  • Article image Cartoon Network Anything: snackable shows on-the-go

    Video content for smartphones is often the same stuff designed for TV – but squashed onto a smaller screen. Cartoon Network is changing this with the world's first 'micro network' – transforming what it means to be a TV network for the next generation of digital natives.

  • Article image Play-i: coding for kids

    Coding is an increasingly important skill, but getting a young child enthusiastic about it isn’t easy. Can gamifying learning with toy robots help create a new generation of programmers?

  • Sony's PlayStation nostalgia Sony's PlayStation nostalgia

    Sony gets nostalgic in its new PS4 advert. The console's biopic begins with an 11-year-old playing an original PlayStation, tracking his life through PS2 and PS3 to the present. Every detail is accurate, down to the design evolution of Domino's pizza boxes.

  • Article image Return to childhood

    Adults are trying to regain something of their childhoods, but as ‘Innocent’ discourses become well-trodden, brands are seeking new ways to help them regress.