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  • Tesla releases patent details publicly
  • Tesla releases patent details publicly
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Tesla releases patent details publicly

Tesla plans to make its patents available to the public, within reason. Though it's unlikely that the patents will be useable without licensing fees, Tesla's decision to release details of its technology to further the development of electric cars is a progressive move.



  • Pixar gives away its software for free Pixar gives away its software for free

    Disney's Pixar Animation Studios is giving away the software used to animate films such as Toy Story, Harry Potter and Cars to anyone who wants it – for free. So why is the entertainment giant encouraging amateurs to freely play with its professional-grade software?

  • Article image Education leaves the classroom

    As our society grows more complex, the educational landscape is becoming radically different. Our educational choices have multiplied exponentially, regardless of age, location or level, with the introduction of digital learning. But how effective are these new methods?

  • Article image FreedomPop: the internet as a human right

    According to 'disruptive' new internet service provider FreedomPop, 'the internet is a right, not a privilege'. Can its 'freemium' broadband model challenge the internet's biggest players?

  • Article image Unfinished business: why the prosumer matters

    Creators who leave their products open for remixing and hacking are redefining pop culture and extending the longevity of their success. How can this creativity can be harnessed?