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  • McDonald's ad champions trick shots
  • McDonald's ad champions trick shots
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McDonald's ad champions trick shots

A child kicks a ball so high it chimes the antique bell in a church tower. A woman wearing high heels and a mini dress dribbles a football down a crowded street. And an old man jumps off his motorised scooter to plays keepy-uppies on a beach. This is the McDonald's trick shot dream team.



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    The first kick of the Brazil 2014 World Cup promises to be unlike any seen before. It’ll be taken by a paraplegic volunteer in a mind-controlled robotic exoskeleton, in the first public demonstration of technology that hopes to make wheelchairs a thing of the past.

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    With global brands like Google, Virgin and Unilever powering a new space race, businesses are taking customers to the final frontier by evoking a basic human emotion: 'awe'.

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    With social media opening up million of little windows into the lives of others and people growing savvier about what's real and what's not, what does the future of reality culture hold?

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    The enduring search for honest brands with an authentic, consistent mission and an engaging personality.