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  • Honda moves from cars to music
  • Honda moves from cars to music
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Honda moves from cars to music

Playing to the music-hungry Millennial generation, Honda has announced its multi-platform music programme 'Honda Stage'. The car manufacturer is becoming its own music curator and content delivery platform in an attempt to capture the attention of a younger audience.



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    The desire to own and drive your own car used to be a life-defining characteristic for young Brits – but its importance is fading. And it’s the same case in other countries too, from the US and Germany to Japan and Australia. But why? And how is the car industry responding?

  • Engaging with people through music Engaging with people through music

    In the US, 76% of festivalgoers feel more favourable towards brands that sponsor a tour or concert, while 74% of music streamers feel the same about brands that engage them through music giveaways, sweepstakes and concerts.

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    Collaborating with Samsung for the release of his new album, Jay-Z's becoming a media empire – making revenue for himself, kudos for Samsung, and social currency for his fans.

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