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  • Adidas creates live World Cup show
  • Adidas creates live World Cup show
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Adidas creates live World Cup show

With the 2014 World Cup being touted as the most connected ever, Adidas is spending more heavily on digital than television with a live 30 minute YouTube show called 'The Dugout' that allows fans to pose questions to football stars via numerous social media accounts.



  • McDonald's ad champions trick shots McDonald's ad champions trick shots

    A child kicks a ball so high it chimes the antique bell in a church tower. A woman wearing high heels and a mini dress dribbles a football down a crowded street. And an old man jumps off his motorised scooter to plays keepy-uppies on a beach. This is the McDonald's trick shot dream team.

  • Article image Are we all turning our TVs off for good?

    We've never been so interested in TV shows - but we aren't watching TV. Instead, we're turning to online video - whether it's Netflix or YouTube. But new technology isn't solely responsible – a wider shift in lifestyles is creating a natural path towards hyper-diversification.

  • Article image Nike Access Codes: sneakers for the chosen few

    Combating the touts that buy up special edition sneakers to resell at inflated prices, Nike is releasing its Access Codes scheme. But is this new sales approach more than a pathway to a better shopping experience? Is it feeding our need to be part of the insider crowd?

  • Article image YouTube goes live with Comedy Week

    Combining old and new media stars with plenty of hype, can YouTube Comedy Week close the gap between internet success and its equivalent in the mainstream media?