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  • This lighter will help you quit smoking
  • This lighter will help you quit smoking
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This lighter will help you quit smoking

Many smokers trying to quit find that nicotine patches and gum don't hit the spot. Enter QuitBit, a 'smart lighter' that tracks how many cigarettes you smoke and how long it's been since your last one. It connects to an app, allowing you to set limits on how often it lights up.



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    People see ‘light’ alternatives as healthier – based on everything from packaging colours to product labels. But if it’s simply a matter of perception, is a ‘healthy high’ truly achievable?

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    With smoking in decline, e-cigarettes may be the future – but only by being culturally relevant can new brands like Vuse stand out. Will it be enough reason for smokers to switch?

  • Fewer adults smoking Fewer adults smoking

    The proportion of adults who smoke cigarettes has fallen significantly over the last four decades. In 1974, 45% of the population aged 16 and older were cigarette smokers compared with 20% in 2011, according to data from the General Lifestyle Survey.

  • Quit smoking with your Facebook friends Quit smoking with your Facebook friends

    Yesterday at No Smoking Day 2010, Frank PR launched a stop smoking campaign with a Facebook app called WeQuit. The idea is that it is easier to quit with the help of your friends.