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  • Japan opens a hotel where no-one can stay
  • Japan opens a hotel where no-one can stay
    Hotel Emanon ©

Japan opens a hotel where no-one can stay

Hotel Emanon is set to open in Shibuya, Tokyo, but neither tourists or locals are able to rent out rooms there. It's actually a huge, conceptual retail space which offers the luxurious yet impersonal ambience of a hotel, without the obligation of staying the night.



  • Article image Ziferblat: selling minutes, not mochas

    Cafés are the perfect blend of home and work, but there's often pressure to buy more coffee or get out. Enter Russian 'anti-café' Ziferblat, where it's impossible to outstay your welcome.

  • Article image Public and Private

    People are joining new communities online and seeking new spaces offline to recapture lost intimacy. Definitions of what is considered acceptable in public are changing, while private behaviour is manifesting itself in public spaces.

  • Article image The Living Room

    Light years away zombie-like pc parlours, Bangalore's Living Room provides a far more intimate gaming setting complete with leather sofas and takeaway.

  • Article image SoFar Sounds

    Songs From a Room (SoFar) is a series of global pop-up gigs supporting new music. The idea is to bring bands and musicians closer to their fans, in an unusual, intimate setting.