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  • IKEA reveals people's morning rituals
  • IKEA reveals people's morning rituals
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IKEA reveals people's morning rituals

Although most people’s mornings involve the same routines – showering, getting dressed and eating breakfast – IKEA has found some small distinctions between people across eight major cities. Presented in the 'Life at Home' report, it provides an insight into morning rituals.



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    Cheerios Family Breakfast Project: a social start to the day

    In today's busy world, family mealtime is often neglected. Cereal brand Cheerios wants to make breakfast - the most important meal of the day - a more fulfilling family experience.

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    IKEA China: make yourself at home

    In China, IKEA is a furniture-filled theme park where people are welcome to spend an entire day – even if they don’t buy anything. But will it be successful?

  • Rise of the morning raver

    Rise of the morning raver

    Replacing double vodkas with double espressos, a 'morning rave culture' has emerged in London. 'Morning Glory' is "an immersive morning dance experience" designed to wake people up before work.

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    Home economics: how work is influencing family life

    With the number of working parents on the rise, quality time with the family is becoming increasingly hard to organise. Parents are looking to a new source of inspiration for help: business.