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  • Packaging that makes food taste better
  • Packaging that makes food taste better
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Packaging that makes food taste better

Food and drink brands are experimenting with multi-sensory experiences. Whether it's listening to music while you eat, or modifying the colour of packaging, there is a growing appreciation for the fact that sound and visuals can enhance the perceived taste of food.



  • Sensory silver service for babies Sensory silver service for babies

    Enter this sensory restaurant to explore flavours never experienced before, “with a nutritionist and psychologist on hand to explain your taste bud journey”.  But this isn’t a fine dining restaurant, it's a pop-up event for toddlers from baby food brand Ella’s Kitchen.

  • Article image Sensory Fiction: getting lost in a book

    Reading is an emotional experience. Books can make you laugh, cry or feel scared - but can technology make them even more immersive? MIT's Media Lab has created a book that lets you really feel and experience first-hand the emotions and environments described in the text.

  • Article image Original Source Audio Shower: what does a shower gel sound like?

    Sonic branding can be an effective way to convey messages. We know what Original Source shower gel feels and smells like, but to complete the sensory experience, what does it sound like?

  • Article image Sensory Lab by St. Ali

    Sensory Lab is a concept coffee house with brews concocted by expert baristas wearing white coats and design that recalls a science lab.