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  • Retail soars on the railway
  • Retail soars on the railway
    Martin Pettitt ©

Retail soars on the railway

Whether grabbing a pint at the local pub or browsing the rails of American Apparel, those passing through King's Cross Station needn't worry about missing the train with so much to do at the station. And as spending in stations soars, it seems more and more people are doing just that.



  • TFL’s tube-based pop-ups TFL’s tube-based pop-ups

    Following the launch of click-and-collect services on the London Underground, TFL is now offering small entrepreneurs short-term leases on more than 1,000 vacant retail properties in stations across London.

  • ASDA comes to the customer ASDA comes to the customer

    In a bid to take on competitors with more stores, ASDA have collaborated with TFL to offer Click & Collect at tube stations. With purchases increasingly driven by convenience, ASDA removes the necessity of going to the supermarket to pick up groceries.

  • Article image Augmented retail: how supermarkets are evolving the shop floor

    As more shoppers move online, real-world stores like Tesco are filling their extra floor space with services to complement their existing offerings and enhance their core business.

  • Article image Missing the train to stay at the station: how travel hubs are evolving

    Once seen as merely a place to catch trains, UK stations are now offering quality food and leisure facilities that have begun to attract even non-travellers to these travel hubs.