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  • Do you trust your car dealer?
  • Do you trust your car dealer?
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Do you trust your car dealer?

In the digital age, people can find information on virtually anything. When they want to buy a car, they come prepared, so dealers' information advantage has diminished. OpenBook Autos is a dealership that's embracing this change by being transparent with prospective buyers.



  • Article image Would you want a brand to be your BFF?

    Digitisation is helping brands and their customers communicate, forming narratives and relationships. Whether it's Netflix taking its viewers to prom, or Anchorman's Ron Burgundy reading the regional news, brands are manifesting in the real world, disguised as human beings.

  • Article image Who really trusts an online review?

    With over 61% of people reading online reviews before making a purchase decision, it’s even more important than ever to separate the good ones from the bad. But with peer reviews and professional write-ups often having contrasting opinions, who should we trust – and why?

  • Article image Trusting strangers when shopping

    We spoke to a group of young shoppers to find out more about how they use customer reviews and in-store advice to guide their shopping decisions.

  • Article image Honestly

    Honestly is a controversial online resource for building, managing, and researching professional reputation, using community-contributed, anonymous reviews.