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  • Affordable housing? Not in my back yard
  • Affordable housing? Not in my back yard
    Nic Simanek ©

Affordable housing? Not in my back yard

Affordable housing is scarce, rent is soaring and house prices put even the most serious savers out of the market. So many would assume a scheme to build apartments on a small portion of a 300-acre field in Berlin would be welcomed with open arms. Instead, protesters prevail.



  • Article image Waldkindergarten: learning from the great outdoors

    Germany's Waldkindergarten send kids to learn and fend for themselves in the great outdoors. But what’s making a generation of helicopter parents decide to let go of the reins?

  • Article image Natural Mindset

    People want to get closer to nature mentally and physically, embracing all that’s perceived to be pure and wholesome.

  • Article image Transform Your Patch: Britvic vs. broken Britain

    ‘Transform Your Patch’ is a new civic initiative from PepsiCo and Britvic that aims to regenerate 165 unkempt wastelands across Britain.

  • Article image Miyashita Nike Park

    Sometimes converting brand cynics can be fraught with challenges - as Nike found out when they revamped a Tokyo park for the local community.