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  • Tunepics: sharing your emotions online
  • Tunepics: sharing your emotions online
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Tunepics: sharing your emotions online

Having trouble capturing your mood online? Enter Tunepics, a 'multi-sensory social network' that combines photos, music and mood in sharable 'moments' – take a picture, attach a song from iTunes and choose from 16 emotions to express and document how you really feel. 



  • Article image Au Fur et à Mesure: go on an emotional journey

    Luxury French travel service Au Fur et à Mesure is rethinking the answer to ‘where should I go on holiday this year?’ with a visual and emotional approach that's tailored to specific demographics, life events, and emotional goals – but is it a success?

  • Article image Real emotion: the rise of reality culture

    With social media opening up million of little windows into the lives of others and people growing savvier about what's real and what's not, what does the future of reality culture hold?

  • Article image Shared emotion: Dove's social experiment hits a nerve

    Half of teen girls have avoided activities because they feel bad about their looks. A new advert from Dove addresses low self-esteem, telling women “you are more beautiful than you think”.

  • Article image Pair: an app for couples

    Pair is a mobile app built just for couples. The 'social network for two' enables instant access to your partner through myriad communication channels.