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  • The race to deliver 'on demand' alcohol
  • Apps like Drizly deliver booze to your doorstep in under an hour
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The race to deliver 'on demand' alcohol

Aimed at parties and corporate functions, Boston-based Drizly aims to deliver alcohol to your doorstep in under 40 minutes. After receiving £2.5 million in funding, and with a host of competitors across the US emerging, the race towards delivering 'on demand' alcohol is on.



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    It’s Sunday. You’ve got a hangover after six consecutive days of drinking at freshers' week. You really fancy a McDonald’s, but can’t bring yourself to leave the bed. Enter Jinn, the home delivery app that used stereotypical student slobbery to launch itself onto the app store.

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    Heineken is bringing the luxury of freshly poured beer into homes, without the hassle of brewing it. But can a focus on modern sophistication win over an audience accustomed to heritage?

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