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  • Women hit the open road on Harleys
  • Women hit the open road on Harleys
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Women hit the open road on Harleys

The all-American motorcycle brand Harley-Davidson wants to shift its leather-clad values from testosterone and ego to independence and freedom by making bikes specifically for women. And it seems a smart move, with more than 12% of US motorcycles purchased by women.



  • Article image Rookie: how girl talk leads to girl power

    Embracing '90s indie pre-digital culture, Rookie is an online magazine for younger Millennials. Created by Tavi Gevinson at age 15, the magazine reworks the tone of mainstream media.

  • Article image Girl power: a new leadership paradigm

    The modern woman is setting her sights on increasingly ambitious career. John Gerzema explains how her attitudes have changed, what hurdles she faces and how brands can cater to her needs.

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    Companies in traditionally 'masculine' categories still struggle to realise the 'female opportunity'. Jane Cunningham explains how they can broaden their appeal to both women and men.

  • Article image LEGO for girls

    After years of ethnographic research and product development, classic toy company LEGO launched LEGO Friends, a product line aimed at girls aged five and over.