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  • Are hotels becoming shoppable?
  • Are hotels becoming shoppable?
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Are hotels becoming shoppable?

As more guests ask "where can I buy this bedding?", hoteliers are realising they can sell more than a temporary place to stay. They’re taking their role as showrooms for other lifestyle brands more seriously, introducing the idea of the 'shoppable' hotel.



  • Article image Awear Solutions: shopping from a stranger’s back

    Israeli start-up Awear Solutions is making awkward 'where did you get that bag?' interactions a thing of the past with an app that lets you scan strangers’ outfits on the go, taking you to the original purchase site. But given that it relies on brand and customer co-operation, does it have growth potential?

  • Article image IKEA China: make yourself at home

    In China, IKEA is a furniture-filled theme park where people are welcome to spend an entire day – even if they don’t buy anything. But will it be successful?

  • Article image How The Hunt makes social media shoppable

    Images on the internet often feature desirable content – but no place to buy it. The Hunt has set out to tackle the problem by providing a new and interactive online shopping experience.

  • Article image In-store expertise: how retailers are responding to ‘showroomers’

    From pharmaceuticals to fashion, retailers are encouraging consumers to exchange their online shopping behaviour for a lasting relationship with local stores.