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  • A modern spin on luxury tradition
  • A modern spin on luxury tradition
    Louis Vuitton ©

A modern spin on luxury tradition

“Has logo fatigue reached a tipping point?” asks fashion journalist Suleman Anaya. As people seek out more discreet luxury goods, fashion houses are adapting their ranges. Louis Vuitton is one such brand, having launched a personalised monogramming service online in Australia.



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    Impersonal, generic guidebooks are a thing of the past. Four Seasons is curating unique, personalised travel recommendations on Pinterest, extending its culture far beyond its physical walls.

  • Article image The art of luxury: Hermès' live crafting in galleries

    Luxury brands often mention heritage, but too much focus on the past can detract from the present. Hermès' 'Festival des Métiers' celebrates the incredible skill behind their current items.

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    With premium threatening to steal its consumer base, luxury is forced to carve out a new space. But with perceptions of value changing rapidly, just how is it going to define itself?

  • Article image Inside CHANEL: luxury storytelling

    Luxury and digital are no longer anathema. Chanel’s new microsite rewards visitors with unprecedented self-disclosure, proving that ‘heritage’ needn’t mean ‘out of touch’.