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  • Bridging the social media divide
  • Bridging the social media divide
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Bridging the social media divide

With enough social content on our smartphones and computers to keep people constantly glued to their screens, is it actually making people less social? The people behind Bridge think so, and want to encourage real life interaction with their social networking app.



  • Article image Why Twitter is just a digital high school

    Has social media killed the art of conversation for teens? Not according to author, social media expert and youth researcher danah boyd - who says it's "nothing more than a release valve to changes that have happened in the real world." We caught up with her to learn more.

  • Article image Kiiroo: getting intimate with social media

    If social media can help improve our social and work lives, why not our intimate lives too? Combining social media with real-life hardware, Kiiroo offers people the chance to actually touch their partner online – making virtual sex very, very real.

  • Article image Fitmob: get out of the gym

    Every January, people rush to the gym - only to give up a few weeks later. Creating a community around exercise, Fitmob is redefining what it means to be truly committed to getting fit.

  • Article image Spirituality for the internet age

    As people become disenchanted with institutions, showing a 'human' side is important. The Sunday Assembly, a network of “radically inclusive” secular congregations, is rapidly going global.