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  • Speed-dating, but for BFFs
  • Speed-dating, but for BFFs
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Speed-dating, but for BFFs

Kate Elliot returned to Australia after years of travelling abroad to find her home more lonely than ever. Finding people she genuinely clicked with after a life upheaval was tricky, and with this in mind, she and sister-in-law Kim founded Kate and Kim: speed-dating, but for BFFs.



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    If social media can help improve our social and work lives, why not our intimate lives too? Combining social media with real-life hardware, Kiiroo offers people the chance to actually touch their partner online – making virtual sex very, very real.

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    It’s been described by Cosmopolitan as “Sex and the City marries Facebook”, but is man-rating app Lulu anything more than a reversal of the online objectification of women?

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    Mobile dating app Tinder simplifies an increasingly complicated hookup culture, appealing to millennials in the process by minimising the chances of rejection.

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    Online dating is a huge industry, and websites must work increasingly hard to stand out. For SHOPaMAN, that means a tongue-in-cheek e-commerce format.