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  • Headphones bringing people together
  • Headphones bringing people together
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Headphones bringing people together

Music has become a relatively solitary experience. Aside from live music, most people use their phones and iPods to listen to music, so it's not often shared. Wearhaus is attempting to change this with its ARC headphones, which encourage people to listen to music together.



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    Reading is an emotional experience. Books can make you laugh, cry or feel scared - but can technology make them even more immersive? MIT's Media Lab has created a book that lets you really feel and experience first-hand the emotions and environments described in the text.

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    In America, there are thousands of people – like Girls character Marnie – honing a desire for musical stardom off the back of shows like The Voice and American Idol. Enter StarMaker: the community-based karaoke app turned talent scouting tool.

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    Driven by an increasing sense of loneliness, Japan's young singles are moving into shared housing. Yet with so many struggling with social anxiety, how are these micro-communities forming?