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  • Lifting the veil on beauty
  • Under the veil: a hidden market?
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Lifting the veil on beauty

The launch of a new shampoo by Henkel aimed specifically at women who wear headscarves is symbolic of the many innovations happening in beauty. Brands like Unilever and Henkel are beginning to truly understand and meet the unique needs of untapped markets like Muslim women.



  • Article image What would Jesus buy?

    Religious people can find that everything from ethical codes to long-term decisions are affected by their choice to believe. Yet despite the fact these belief systems hold such weight over those that adopt them, marketers and media outlets alike shy away from religion. Why?

  • Article image The UAE's citizens of luxury

    The UAE has a highly diverse population across its seven Emirates, but there's still a strong sense of pride in a shared national identity. To appeal to its well-travelled citizens, brands are proving their commitment with tailored products, events and social engagement.

  • Article image Beautyligion and the rise of Halal cosmetics

    This article explores the changing relationship between the Muslim faith, Halal lifestyles, and the beauty industry.

  • Article image Hal'shop

    Hal'shop is a halal-only retailer which seeks to build bridges between two clashing cultures.