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  • Brazil: from child hunger to obesity
  • Brazil: from child hunger to obesity
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Brazil: from child hunger to obesity

Thirty years ago, malnutrition and a lack of basic childcare meant infant mortality rates were high in Brazil – 8.3% in 1980. But while hunger now only affects 6.9% of the population, this doesn't mean they're healthy. Far from it, in fact: 51% of the country is overweight.



  • Article image Why we all crave a sugar high

    The WHO wants to bring sugar consumption down to 26-32g a day - but even a single can of cola contains 40g. The road ahead might be long and bitter, but the war on sugar has already begun.

  • Article image Rolling with Brazil's rolezinhos

    Are the young Brazilians taking part in social phenomenon rolezinhos just trouble-making delinquents? We sent digital anthropologist Luana Kaderabek to explore this new social class.

  • Article image Calorie neutral: Miele‚Äôs vision of balanced consumption

    Calorie neutral pop-up restaurant Steam was a vision of responsible indulgence. It met a growing demand for balance, and proved that domestic appliances need not be boring.

  • Article image Happy calories: Coca-Cola takes control of the obesity debate

    If obesity is an international crisis, sugar is increasingly cast as the chief villain. In response, Coca-Cola has thrown itself into the drive for collective health improvement.